IN PRODUCTION — ‘CineChamber’ San Francisco future event with CYRNAI Audio/Visual piece in development. CineChamber is a large, but intimate surround-screen apparatus, a 10-screen installation lab site for trailblazing panoramic performance, built by Recombinant Labs / Director, Naut Humon. CYRNAI’s history with similar innovative collaboration with Naut goes back to her three year involvement as head composer/rhythm programmer for Rhythm and Noise between1989-1991. 

IN PRODUCTION – CYRNAI new album in development.

IN PRODUCTION – FILM- CYRNAI Autobiographical–‘Audiography’.


CYRNAI  (Carolyn Fok)

MEMOIR OF SOUND Project – A living archive, 100 albums+ of Carolyn Fok’s customized and critical electronic, experimental, field recordings, demos, bands, etc since 1976 (age 9) that continues indefinitely. Based on many recordings found on cassettes, DATS, Mini-Disks, Reel-to-Reel, Computer files, etc, Carolyn Fok composes, performs all instruments, sound designs, mixed and mastered analog reels and digital files. 



2019 – UK, Cherry Red Records includes CYRNAI track in next early electronica compilation – “Close To The Noise Floor”  (70’s to 1984)

2018 – CYRNAI (6 vinyl Box Set) Dark Entries Records – Box contains, booklet/extras, Charred Blossoms, Parts of The Insomnic Wheel, Hypno-Seizure, To Subtle-Drive 1 and 2, unreleased music, and 7″ single.

2018 – MEMOIR OF SOUND – 100+ albums from cassettes, DATS, Mini-Disks, Reel-to-Reel, Computer files, etc. dating back from 1976 childhood tapes to Present music/sound recordings.

2018 – CYRNAI (6 vinyl Box Set) Dark Entries Records

2011 – Magic Realism (Online)

2001 – The Listener (2CD)

1996 – Transfiguration (CD/80pg book)

1989/90 – To Subtle Drive (Cassette), 2 versions

1988 – Hypno-Seizure (Cassette), w Dan Joseph side 2

1987 – Parts of The Insomnic Wheel (Cassette)

1986 – Charred Blossoms (vinyl LP EP, w booklet)

1986 – TRIAL, Moments of Collapse (Band)


Albums :

C a r o l y n F o k
2001 – The Listener, Music CD Titanium
Musical Guests : Tim Story, Christopher Currell

C y r n a i (stage name)
1996 – Transfiguation CD and Book Titanium
Musical Guests : Elliott Sharp, John Myers
Guggenheim Museum Store (sold out), New York

1985 – Charred Blossoms Album and Book


2016 – “Raymond Scott, Biography 2: Various Artists


1996 – “State Of The Union” 2CD produced by Elliott Sharp
1992 – “Object 5” CD Ladd-Frith label
1991 – “4 X 4” CD Ladd-Frith label
1990 – “Object 4” CD Ladd-Frith label
1987 – “Object 3” Cassette Ladd-Frith label

1990 – “To Subtle-Drive” 45 Min.
1987 – “Hypno-Seizure” 60 Min.
1986 – “Parts Of The Insomnic Wheel” 60 Min.
1982-1990 – Other cassettes


Joaquin Lievano, Kevin Kendle, Tim Story, Jack Hertz, Elliot Sharp, Christopher Currell, Von Haulshoven, Albert Steenbergen, Shinichiroa, Dan Joseph

1986 – TRIAL (Band)
“Moments of Collapse” LP Rough Trade label
Bass guitar, San Francisco band with cult following
1985 – A State of Mind (band)
Guitar in SF Bay Area, political ‘peace punk’
1985 – Sleeping Dogs (band)
Guitar in SF Bay Area, surrealistic ‘peace punk’
1983 – Treason (band)
Guitar in SF Bay Area, definately ‘peace punk’…


Recording – Sound Design Awards :

2001 – OMNI Intermedia Silver Award
2001 – AXIEMAWARDS Silver Award
2000 – AXIEMAWARDS Silver Award

Art Awards :

1992 – Oil Painting, First Prize “Multiple Traits of Woman” Philippe Charriol Foundation, Hong Kong (Painting in Mr. Charriol’s private collection, of PCF watch company)
1988 – Acrylic Illustration, Third Prize, New York Society of Illustrators Award, New York USA
1985, and 1987 – Watercolor Painting , “Ribbons Of The Ballet” Award of Excellence, Academy of Art, SF California USA
1984 – Scholarship to Academy Of Art, Concord, Calif. USA
1983 – Best Portfolio Award, Graphics Designer’s Guild, Concord CA USA
1983 – Pen and Ink Graphics Award, “Nature’s Ink” Citicorp Bank, CA USA


Solo Exhibitions :

1993 – Oil Paintings, Ho Gallery World Art, Hong Kong
1992 – Oil Paintings, Ho Gallery World Art, Hong Kong
1992 – Oil Paintings, Sponsored by Movado watch company at Bank of America Tower, Hong Kong.

Group Exhibitions :

1992-1994 November . Oil Paintings. Art Asia International Art Expo Annual Conference (featured guest James Rosenquist). Other Exhibitors of note; Ho Gallery, Christies, Sothebys. Other paintings in this art convention included originals by : Van Gogh, Warhol, Piccasso, Frank Stella, Matisse, Lichenstein, and many others. Hong Kong

1988 – Acrylic Painting, New York Society of Illustrators, Museum of American Illustration, New York, USA
1987- 1989 – Oil, Acrylic Paintings, Academy of Art Showcases. SF California USA
1986 – Oil Pastels, SF Cultural Center, 3rd Annual Showcase


Art press:
Artention Magazine (interview) Hong Kong, HK Magazine, Radio (interview) Hong Kong, Philippe Charriol Competition Catalogue, South China Morning Post, Hong Kong, HK Magazine

Music press:
Electronic Musician, Keyboard, Bikini, Magnet, Option, Cover, Industrial Nation, Culture Shock, Permission, The Industrial Bible, Sonic Boom, Interface, New Industrial Sounds, Sideline, Wide Awake, Wind and Wire online, New Age Voice, Musesmuse, Jersey Beat, Fact Sheet Five, Reflex, Objekt


Asian territories, Hong Kong, Thailand, European, and American art collectors. Hong Kong Banks, Art Festivals, Chairman of Art Asia Art Convention, The China Club, and others.


Oil, acylics, pencil :

(2001 to present – TO BE DOCUMENTED HERE)
2000 “Space” oil, canvas
2000 “Pages Of Song” oil, paper, canvas
1998 “Tree-Figures” pencil, paper
1993 “Masks” oil, canvas
1993 “World Of Interludes”
1993 “These Wings To Fly”
1993 “Micro-Manniquin” oil, paper, canvas
1993 “Reaction” oil, canvas
1993 “Textured Girl” oil, canvas
1993 “Evolution Of Time and Man”
1992 “Diamond” oil, paper, canvas
1992 “Ultimate Rose” oil, canvas
1992 “Sensory World” oil, paper, canvas
1992 “Evolved Landscape” oil, paper, canvas
1992 “Rapturous” Oil, paper, canvas
1991 “Multiple Traits Of Woman” oil, canvas
1991 “Multiple Traits Of Man”
1991 “Mechanical Life” oil, canvas
1991 “System Of Opposites” Oil, canvas
1991 “Rejoice” oil, canvas
1991 “Twenty-First Century” oil, canvas
1991 “Book Within A Book” oil, canvas
1991 “Components” (“Organic Icons”) oil, canvas
1991 “Raining Love and Affliction” oil, canvas
1991 “Rolling Clocks” oil, canvas
1991 “Feasting On Colors” oil, canvas
1991 “Synthetic Seascape” oil, paper, canvas
1991 “Visionary Fan Of Chinese Gold” oil, canvas
1991 “Two Sunrises” oil, canvas
1988 “Africans In New York” acrylics, *Awarded
1988 “Details Of Delivery” acrylics, illustration board
1986 “Ribbons Of The Ballet” watercolor ink,
1986 “Car” acrylics, illustration board
1985 “Grass Strings” pencil, paper
1985 “Behind The Hollow” pencil, bleach, color paper
1984 “Sun And Air” watercolor, paper
1983 “Nature’s Ink” Pen and Ink, Awarded
1981 “The Horizon” Oil, canvas
1981 “Observation-Painting To Painter” oil, canvas
1980 various sketches and drawings

Computer Graphics



Internet interface designing. Futurefield.com
Glamour Magazine, New York. Graphic layout and copyfitting.
Robotic Editor – Innovated audio auto-truncating software

SELECTED LITERARY WORKS (chonological order), Not yet published

Children’s Books – Earliest :

Title Age
1973 God Is Good 7
1973 The Five Golden Love Rings 7

1973Raggedy Ann and More Stories
-Cooking Party
-Jan’s Surprise
-Weird Girls
-Jan Gets Friends
-Jan Gets A Party
-The First Scientist Who Went To Sea

1975Pumpkin Faces For Halloween
-Dorra Helps
-Dorra Gets The Truth
-Dorra Finds It’s Halloween

1976The Boy And His Bunnies10
1977Dorra’s Thanksgiving
-Remembering Halloween
-The Thanksgiving Square Dance

1977Wondering Albert The Pig (a pop-up book)11
1977Mr. Max, The Dream Controller11
1977Johnny Comics11
1977Laughers Comics11
1977Study, 1,2,3 11
1977Twenty 1 Hair Styles11
1978There’s Nothing That Can Scare Me12
1978LIL April Comic12
1978Lewey and Bowwy12


Diaries :

January 25, 1976
September 9, 1980-September 30, 1980
June 1981-1982
January 4, 1984-January 1986
January 2, 1986-July 27, 1986
August 22, 1986-April 15, 1987
October 22, 1987-April 8, 1988
April 28, 1988-February 5, 1989
May/June 1988 France, London, Italy, Amsterdam, Switzerland, Germany (east and west)…
July 14, 1988 Egypt
July 20, 1988 Bangkok
July 24, 1988 China: Shanghai, Hangzhou, Suzhuou, Wuxi, Nanjing, Beijing, Xian, Canton, Hong Kong
February 10, 1989-February 18, 1991
March 31, 1990
May 5, 1989-April 14, 1990
July 1, 1992-July 9, 1992
October 27, 1992-December 9, 1992
June 12, 1994-August 18, 1994
November 29, 1994-January 18, 1995
April 30, 1995-March 26, 1996
December 12, 1996-May 11, 1997
November 6, 1999-November 21, 1999
March 24, 2000-April 5, 2000
November 1998-Present (computer)

1996 TRANSFIGURATION CDBook Mini-Chapters
Body of Smoke, Opaque, Substitue For Mankind, Hidden Angel, Machine Drill, Power in the Nerve, Dialated Hallways, Spotty Shadows, Where It Is Found, The Dream Sequences, Return Key, Pictures Of Time, The Multiple, Desert Mars, The Morning, Lyrics

2001 THE LISTENER CDBook Mini-Chapters
Lively Blue, Magnetic Ears, Recording Reasons, Oceans Away, The Clinging, Saving Souls For Songs, Solutions Of A Pencil, Strangers Though The Glare, My Chromatics, The Mixing Console, Solo Music
Beautiful Palettes, The Listener, Lyric

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